Monday, May 16, 2011

Update coming soon

A lot has been going on. I am working on a bunch of sewing and I have been doing some dyeing with food coloring. Will do a few posts soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The pen is only mightier then the sword, if you have the right pen.

I have done a few practice runs with my persona hand. I am kinda surprised how well I am doing. I don't mean that I mastered it and everything looks perfect, but on some of the letters, it is pretty close.

After these three tries writing every letter, I was able to get some feedback from two scribes in my Barony, the first telling me that the second is the person to talk to about learning this hand. She told me while the felt flat tip pen I was working will do the job, everything will look much better if I go to a metal nib pen, dip or fountain. I had to wait a few days to be able to buy it, but when I did, I went to my local Michael's. They had mostly sets of nibs in varying type and withd. Now, what I was told to get was a nib about the same size. 
Did you know there is a difference between a flat nib and a "round hand" nib and they look pretty close to each other? I do now. Yes, I picked what I thought was the right set of nibs, that came with a handle, and a bottel of ink, and headed home to try it out. "Why can't a get a straight line?" My mom, who use to do calligraphy and did my wedding invitations, noted that I got the wrong nibs. rrrrr. I KNEW I should have waited one more day and had gone to Art Media. 

Round hand nib

And today, while out doing some other errands, we were able to stop by. My husband was able to get himself some brushes for his woodworking and I learned that they sell sets and individual nibs also. So I got two sizes; one just a bit bigger, and one a bit smaller. I like the smaller nib for everyday writing. 

The second thing the scribe told me was to just practice I and O, as the three strokes it takes to write those two letters are what are used for all other letters. O I have down much more then I. 

Next, I am going to have a lesson with her to see where else I need to focus. I have to say, this is more fun then what I have thought. I always thought calligraphy was going to be very boring and that since I have never had nice penmanship, I would suck at it.

I also learned something very important. When opening your ink bottle, make sure to take that foil wrapper off the opening AWAY from your cloths. Thankfully, I was wearing a dark gray shirt so it will not show up too badly. Have treated to hopefully get the rest out.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Persona Hand

I have started to learn calligraphy. Why? Mostly so that I can learn to write as a lady from York, England in the mid late 15th Century. I can fake the wording fairly well, but for it to have the look, that is the challenge. And don't even get me started on period spelling. I have a hard enough time with modern english, I am not adding any time soon late middle english.

I tried to find out what the letters looked like in the time of my persona. That was kinda hard cause most of the stuff I was finding was about illumination or "professional" work done by a scribe. The gothic "hand", the really blocky, heavy black, old lettering most people have a hard time reading I didn't really like and felt to formal. It looked more like something from a book, not something from an everyday person balancing the check book.

The great thing about being a herald is that it is pretty easy to find a scribe. Just ask the person who handed you the very pretty scroll that you had to read durning court. Of course, wait until after court. If they have no idea, they know who does. And that is what I did and what happened. I was recommended to look at the book Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique by Marc Drogin. I do plan on buying the book, but I was able to get someone to send me a scanned copy of the hand I want to learn. The book calls it gothic littera bastarda, and I plan on using the more cursive of the letters. The scribe also sent me a page of capital letters to work also that she felt went well since the page only had lower case. And if you are wondering, it is french so it isn't said completely like how it looks.

Here is why I didn't want to just use the calligraphy book my mom had and I was using. My goal is that I can sign my persona name so that it looks like it came from a period letter or like item. Most calligraphy books. like my mom's, is designed for the modern reader. The way we shape latter today, is different from even 200 years ago. There is more common ground because of the printing press, but did you know that at least in medieval england, there were two ways to write an S? There is the one that we use to day, but there was also one that looks more like an F for a "long S", I guess like in the name Sam. This is also why it is great to talk to scribes. They know this kind of stuff. I thought that the S had just shortened. I needed to know this cause my persona has an S in her name as most of you know: conStance. I am pretty sure that it isn't a long S so I am not too worried.

Now, if you saw how I wrote when I was a kid, you would laugh at the thought of me trying to do calligraphy. With age and practice, my penmanship is better. You still have to wondering what that spelling is suppose to be, but you can tell what letter is what.

You may ask, but were woman taught to read back then? Well, according to the scribe I talked to, very much so. She said that because women ran the house, which meant buying the food and other supplies, they had to be able to read an invoice. Men were to busy hunting, or other manly stuff that unless they were merchants, women were able to read and write better then men. It makes sense to me. So unless you are queen, and even then I may question it, I would have known how to read and write fairly well.

I will try to post here soon the little bit I have started. If you are wanting to learn a medieval hand, I highly recommend this book. It ranges quite a bit in time and gives a lot of information on when and other such info. If you would like to see what I am aiming for, you can see an example here.

Monday, August 09, 2010

a change of gears

There is a part of me that feels that my goal of being a Laurel some day may need to be put on hold. Mostly cause the drive for me to serve is more then my drive to make stuff. I also am hoping to FINALLY be able to start doing archery. Archery was what I was wanting to do the most when we first started the SCA. Real wood bows and arrows have been something I have wanted to do for some time. I have had to wait on it though cause the cost and time was not in the cards. I have also had issues with getting major bruises on my arm from the string hit my elbow. This weekend though I was able to use some loaner gear and have been able to get some shooting done without hitting my arm. Thank you Robert for the tip. Also, I get some good pain from hand sewing, which I love to do, so I can only do so much at a time with a long brake in between. Tonight though I will be teaching a class on fingerloop braiding for my barony. I still want to do this, but service if what I do better. Is it frustrating, but it is what it is. I have always said that if G-D doesn't want me to do something, he will put blocks in my path. He hasn't put blocks in my path to serve others with my voice so I will continue to do so. Putting a dream on the shelf is hard, but I feel it is more mature for me to acknowledge what is and go on to more productive things. I do plan on sewing still, but my goal will be just to get some cloths on our backs for events.

With that, I will be changing the title of the blog, but not the html link. Just wanted to give those few that feed this a heads up.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Knitting now, but I need to fingerloop braid and sew.

I have too many crafts and not enough time to do them all. I mean, I have to sleep, eat and post here from time to time. If someone finds a time slower-dower, please send one my way or tell me how to get one. lol

Thursday, July 01, 2010

OOP-knitting projects.

OOP= Out Of Period.

Yes, after being told by my mom that I have to take up knitting again cause she can't make me all that I want her to knit me. Well, I have been putting off knitting cause of money and time. I mean, it is very late period which I am, but... I am glad that I took it back up and my mom has been willing to get me all the yarn she doesn't want, some of it I can wear (I have issues with acrylic). Either way, if you would like to see my latest FO (Finished Object) you can just go to the link below. Please let me know if you are having issues seeing the page.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Crown for the 21 century on Twitter without an account?

Yes and no. Yes, to post to Twitter, you will need an account. But to see what is on Twitter, nope! How you ask....

Clean site and lets you search for any twitter posts that are currently happen. Which is an issue. If you  check the site after something is poster or you didn't' set up the search coon enough, you miss the tweet/post.

I have a goal to find a way for SCA Crown events (the one that determines who will be the next king of a given kingdom) to get the news out of who is the king a bit faster. I am also trying to get I think 10 things at the same time before heading out of town. I will add to this later.